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In 2000, Castia Stone opened for business, offering an innovative and beautiful solution to dry rot and mold issues common throughout the United States. In May 2010 the Castia Stone technology was purchased by Concrete Results Inc in Southlake, Texas. Concrete Results and its employees have a long history in the concrete products industry and will begin licensing manufacturers in the United States to produce these products in their local markets.

It is our desire to continue the mission of the former owners and offer an environmentally friendly, unique, easy-to-install siding that increases the value of your home or commercial building while offering the classic look, feel and beauty of European style craftsmanship.

Innovative product

Castia Stone takes pride in our unique products and their application. Our manufactured stone has the old-world look and charm of a palazzo in Europe while offering an innovative, mortarless system that is easy to install and protects your home from moisture damage. Each piece has a bracketing system that allows the stone to be attached with screws (no mortar involved). This application creates a continuous 1/2" airspace that provides essential rainscreen and ventilation for your home, which prevents dry rot and mold. Our siding and moldings weigh less than stone because they are made with lightweight aggregates and iron oxides, which creates a rich color and texture throughout every piece.

Thanks to input and demand from our customers, Castia Stone continues to expand the product line, adding additional siding options, molding, and colors. Our innovative products can be readily found in homes across Oregon and Washington, as well as in select homes in Alaska, California, Minnesota, and Ohio.